Police appeal after Chesterfield car damage

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Police in Chesterfield are appealing for information following two incidents of car theft and damage.

Sometime between 2.30am and 8am on Wednesday, March 11, offenders used an instrument to gain entry to a red Renault Clio on Walton Walk. They forced their way in through the driver’s door before searching the vehicle.

The car’s ignition was tampered with and the car was moved off the driveway and found a few yards down the street. Music equipment was also stolen from the boot (CR/10117/15).

A blue Vauxhall Corsa was stolen from Kingsley Avenue sometime between 10pm on Tuesday, March 10 and 6.45am on Wednesday, March 11. The vehicle was parked on the street outside a property. It was later found having been abandoned nearby (CR/10108/15).

PCSO Darryl Hegarty from the Chesterfield South Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We’re urging local residents to be vigilant about this type of crime and to report anything suspicious.

“Residents can further protect themselves from vehicle crime by keeping any valuables out of sight and parking in well-lit, overlooked areas where possible.”

Anyone with information about either incident is being urged to call police on 101, quoting the crime numbers above, or by calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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