Police and RSPB warning after poisoned birds found

BURGLARY warning from the police.
BURGLARY warning from the police.

Derbyshire police’s wildlife officers and the RSPB are reminding people to use rodent poisons properly after two buzzards were killed after digesting them.

The buzzards were found dead in fields off Lime Tree Avenue, Glapwell, in March.

Tests by the Food and Environment Research Agency have revealed that they most likely died as a result of eating the remains of poisoned rodents, which in turn poisoned the birds.

The incident has prompted police and the RSPB to remind people using poisons on rodents to ensure any carcasses are properly and safely disposed of.

PCSO Mike Coates, who is one of Derbyshire police’s specialist wildlife officers, said: “Both birds in this case showed signs of having digested poisons used for the control of rats and mice. One of the poisons is only licensed for use indoors due to its devastating effect on other mammals and birds.

“It is most important that, when you use poisons, the remains are properly disposed of in accordance with the law, to make sure nothing like this happens in the future.”

Duncan McNiven, a senior investigating officer for the RSPB, said: “It is disappointing that two beautiful buzzards have fallen victim to secondary poisoning like this. Those who use poison baits to control rodents need to ensure they follow the instructions carefully, and clear up any dead rodents to minimise the risk of poisoning other wildlife.”

Anyone with information on suspected wildlife crime should call Derbyshire police’s wildlife officers on 101. You can also call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.