Plenty of jobs to be had: Get off your lazy behinds

I am writing to comment on council tax benefits.

I am 43 and have two children. I get frustrated when people moan about something being taken away from them – especially when it is something they should never have had in the first place!

When I had my children we only had Child Benefit and no other financial aid.

This limited us to how many children we had as we could not afford to support anymore.

I worked around my husband’s hours, at one point while I was pregnant with my second child I had three different part time jobs.

I did what I needed to do to be able to afford what we wanted or even just to live.

As for the lady saying she is supposed to be starting University, that is something I would have loved to have done, but I could not afford not to work to go and study. I could not afford to lose any income.

These people who get benefits (and more) for studying make my blood boil!

I had someone come into my office this week complaining that their tax credits are going to be axed, and that money is what used to pay for their holidays! No-one ever paid for our holidays – except us .

It makes me so mad that they do nothing and just take, while we go to work to pay for it.

I got made redundant in February and started work in March. I was out of work for four weeks.

There are plenty of jobs out there. The only thing is, I had no benefits to lose. Maybe if I had cash flowing in from benefits every month then I would think twice about taking a lower paid job. The difference is, I cannot afford to sit at home every day.

Tracy Duffy

Via email