Pledge over safety of snatch spot

NDET 98696'Circular Road Park, Staveley
NDET 98696'Circular Road Park, Staveley

A COUNCIL leader has vowed to personally ensure a park is made safe, after a young girl was attacked there in a suspected child snatch attempt.

Cllr John Burrows, leader of Chesterfield Borough Council, has responded to calls for CCTV and lighting at Top Pitch, off Circular Road, Staveley, after residents spoke of their concern in the wake of last month’s attack.

He said: “As a father and a grandfather my first thoughts are for the safety and security of this young lady and all other young people in the area.

“If there is anything that we are required to do to help catch this man, then I will see what we can put in place.”

He said he had arranged to meet with David Roberts, the father of Staveley Junior School pupil, Charlie Roberts, 10, who was approached from behind and grabbed by a man as she walked through Top Pitch on her way home from school, on April 23.

Charlie managed to escape by kicking the man on the shin, but the attack has left many parents and residents concerned about the safety of the area.

One mum, who didn’t want to be named, but who regularly takes her young children to the park, said: “The area is filthy, and there is no security. Teenagers are drinking on the park at all hours, and there are needles and all sorts lying around.

“We need some sort of lighting or police patrols in the area to make it safer for younger children to play.”

Speaking after the attack on his daughter, David Roberts said: “People need to know and something ought to be done. We should have CCTV on that patch. Someone has seen a little girl walking on her own and taken an opportunity.”

He added: “If there had been some sort of CCTV there, then it would have captured who did this.”

Cllr Burrows is now in talks with Mr Roberts and Cllr Chris Ludlow, of Middlecroft and Poolsbrook ward, over what can be done to improve safety in the area.

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