PLEASE SHARE: Bride-to-be appeals over beloved Staffies

Rocco and Amber were lost in the Holmewood area.
Rocco and Amber were lost in the Holmewood area.

A bride-to-be has issued a desperate appeal for help in finding her two dogs in time for her wedding.

She gets married tomorrow but unless she can find her beloved pair of Staffies - Amber and Rocco - she will have to do it without them.

Her sister Emma Jayne Sales has put out a Facebook appeal asking people to look for the pair which were lost between 1-2pm yesterday in Holmewood.

On a Facebook post sent to the Derbyshire Times, Emma said: “Her heart is completely broken. She has been out for hours yesterday and into the early morning.

“She has missed her wedding rehearsal and has not been able to enjoy these final hours before the most magical day of her life.

“Both her and her husband-to-be are in bits.”

If you can help please get in touch with us on Facebook or call 01246 504574.