Please keep your word over traveller site

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This is an open letter to Paul Wilson, Planning and Housing services

Dear Paul, on March 27th, the meeting with local residents to discuss the implementation of a gypsy site at the Homesford site showed unanimous opposition from all residents , with no one showing any positive interest for the site.

There was not one call in agreement to have the site built. It was obvious that to place a gypsy site in such a place was a insensible idea, it being in world heritage area and an area of environmental importance and a conservation area.

It is also a hazardous and dangerous site for a vulnerable family who may have children .The democratic vote on the night was denied by the council as we all knew what the outcome would be ,but we hold faith in the council and yourself Paul to see the sense from all who attended and the arguments not for the site to proceed.

Many residents and attendants that evening are hoping you hold to your word in a quote that was relayed back to you that evening that the decision made on the site by the council would be only made taking into account the feedback from residents and businesses and all other attendants .

I hope the council are able to see that the issues given from residents and attendants from the environment and heritage agencies also is enough to show that this site in all reality is totally inappropriate for a traveller gypsy family to inhabit.

Ross Fraser, Dr Catherine Fraser and family