Plea for help to trace old coin

A CRESWELL woman is appealing for help to find a sentimental keepsake which has gone missing.

Jacky Sockett has been searching high and low for an old coin which hasn’t left her side for around 40 years until it vanished a few weeks ago.

The penny used to belong to Jacky’s grandad, Bartholomew Kelly, but it came into her possession before he died in 1981.

Since then, Jacky has carried the coin in her purse constantly.

Forty-eight-year-old Jacky said: “I have no idea where it is. I noticed it had gone missing around two or three weeks ago and I’ve been searching my house from top to bottom, all to no avail.

“It’s of significant sentimental value to me. I would be so happy - and it would be such a relief - if it turned up,” added Jacky, a receptionist at the Derbyshire Times.

The “very old” penny appears to bear the shape of the head of Queen Victoria - although this is quite worn away. It has a hole punched through it and it is engraved with the words ‘love Kitty’.

If you have seen the coin, or know of its whereabouts, contact Jacky by phoning 01246 504500 or by emailing