Plans to move Charlesworth memorial scrapped

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A controversial Derbyshire County Council proposal that would involve moving Charlesworth’s war memorial has been scrapped.

The £80,000 road safety initiative was dropped after a design study discovered a flaw in the scheme.

If it had been approved, the obelisk at the junction of Town Lane and Glossop Road, which commemorates the 33 men from the village who fell in both world wars, would have been repositioned to allow for a reconfiguration of the road.

Glossop and Charlesworth Councillor Ellie Wilcox said the proposal could have become a “costly white elephant”.

She said: “Though the county council endeavours to improve pedestrian safety, this scheme is no longer viable under these terms.

“However, we will ensure that the money remains within Glossopdale, and is spent on infrastructure projects.”

Cllr Damien Greenhalgh, commented: “Though both officers and councillors have received strong resistance from local stakeholders, such as Charlesworth Parish Council and the school governing body, we do acknowledge that some residents and community groups will be bitterly disappointed over the scrapping of this scheme.

“However, we are continuing to invest in improving safety in Charlesworth, with a proposal to add pedestrian crossing build-outs on a section of Marple Road.”

Cllr Wilcox added: “We are also keen to work with local residents in our plight to introduce 20 miles per hour speed limits in zones across Glossopdale.”