Plans for 77 homes in village are turned down

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PLANS for 77 new homes in Pilsley have been refused – against officers’ recommendation.

Planners at NE Derbyshire District Council said the application for land off Station Road should go ahead but councillors voted against granting planning permission at a meeting on Tuesday.

Pilsley Parish Council objected to the proposals following a public meeting which saw many residents raising concerns.

Neighbours raised traffic congestion fears and the effect on residential parking in Station Road.

The other major concern was the impact on drainage and during periods of heavy rainfall the river can flood.

The council received 87 letters of representation and a petition containing 177 signatures which raised objection to the proposed development.

Residents said the plans were unnecessary and Pilsley should not lose another green field. They also raised fears that schools could not cope with additional children and objected to the level of affordable housing proposed.

Forty letters of representation in support of the development were also submitted.

Supporters said the housing was necessary for the village to grow and the land is an eyesore and could be improved.

But councillors rejected the plans despite planners saying the development would not have a prominent impact on the countryside and should be approved.