PILSLEY: Gritting on parish council’s agenda



Cllr T. Moon chaired the February meeting of Pilsley Parish Council. The chairman welcomed PCSO Laura McLuckie to the meeting who will be covering the Pilsley area, taking over from PCSO David Bull. Martin Kirkland from Barlow Hill Allotment Association informed members that they had been successful in obtaining National Lottery funding to improve the existing water system on the allotments and that the work was due to commence in the next few weeks.

PCSO David Bull updated members on crime statistics reported in Pilsley during the previous month and responded to questions and concerns raised by members. Councillors thanked the officer for the work he had done in the village and wished him well for the future.

Members were informed that a meeting had taken place with residents who raised the problem of anti-social behaviour on the Green at Morton Road. It was agreed that the parish council would put up a notice prohibiting vehicles from the green and if problems continued the council may have to consider installing wooden bollards to prevent vehicular access.

A meeting had taken place with a representative from a company who provide skate park equipment. The supplier made recommendations and are going to submit a quotation for consideration.

Members were informed of the work that had been done in gritting pathways and stocking the grit bins. It was felt that the service provided to Pilsley residents compared well to provision by other authorities in other areas.

It was reported that there was an ongoing problem of grit being stolen from some of the bins. It was suggested that an article is included in the next newsletter to make residents aware of this.

The annual parish meeting will take place at the village hall on May 20 at 6pm. The monthly parish council meeting will take place on the same evening, following the annual parish meeting.

It was resolved that wireless internet be installed at the village hall, that a budget of £1000 be allocated for marketing the facility and providing improved signage to the building and that consideration be given to installing an external notice board.

It was resolved that the clerk proceeds with instructing a provider to carry out an intial three treatments to deal with moles on the sports ground.

The following planning application was considered: Proposed demolition of existing redundant barns and construction of seven new dwellings at 197 Rupert Street, Lower Pilsley.

The clerk and Cllr A. Holmes were instructed to arrange a meeting with Cleaver Thompson solicitors regarding registration of land belonging to the council.