PILSLEY: Councillors hear request for improved play equipment

Cllr T. Moon have been elected chairman and Cllr A. Holmes elected vice-chairman of Pilsley Parish Council.

The annual parish meeting was held last month at which a complaint was received about teenagers leaving broken glass on the play area at Sampsons Field and wrapping the swings around the bar preventing young children using them. A request was received for a faster slide and monkey bars. Councillors suggested that payments from new developments may provide a source of income to provide improved facilities.

The monthly meeting of the parish council followed at which the chairman expressed disappointment over the lack of response from residents in providing comments on the parish newsletter although one resident had given positive comments.

He informed members that the tenders for the roadside planters had been considered with the vice-chairman and one of the tenders had been accepted.

Members expressed disappointment that the police were unable to secure a conviction in relation to the arson incident which took place at the welfare building.

Problems of anti-social behaviour taking place at night at the village hall car park was raised with the police representatives, PC Phil Parkin and PCSO Laura McLuckie.

PC Parkin informed the council that he was retiring from the police following 30 years’ service and that this was the last meeting of the parish council. that he would be attending.

Cllr Kevin Gillott was welcomed as the new county councillor covering the Pilsley area.

Cllr P. Stevenson requested a meeting with highways officers to discuss various traffic safety issues affecting the area.

Members also raised the poor state of the roads, grass verges and pavements in part of Pilsley. It was resolved that the clerk requests a meeting with highways officers through Cllr Gillott.

A request was made for a raised grate on the footpath on Hagg Hill to be repaired.

A recurring problem of sewerage flooding on Queensway was raised and it was requested that the clerk contacts Rykneld Homes to investigate a more permanent solution to deal with the problem.

Members were advised of several complaints that had been received regarding the maintenance of the cemetery and following investigations it was found that the new contractor had encountered some problems with his equipment and that the issues had now been rectified.

It was resolved that a request is made to NE Derbyshire District Council for action to be taken to seek improvement to a derelict property at 10 Morton Road that was having a negative effect on the area.

The following planning applications were dealt with: construction of a two-storey side extension at 26 Slacks Lane, Pilsley - no objections; erection of conservatory to rear of 40 Hallgate Lane, Pilsley - no objections; retention of single, detached replacement dwelling previously approved at Ivy Farm, Morton Lane, Pilsley - no objections.

It was resolved that donations of £100 be given to Bridge Street Methodist Church Yoof project for a new games console, the church’s Powerpack project towards buying a bouncy castle for the children’s club and the Bridge Street table tennis team towards buying a new tennis table.