Picture this charity effort

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A KEEN photographer who is battling cancer has come up with a picture-perfect way of fundraising to help fight the disease.

Matthew Parsons, of Ashgate, Chesterfield, has set up a website to sell his stunning photographs to aid Weston Park Hospital while he undergoes gruelling radiotherapy there.

Matthew was diagnosed with a rare tumour on his spine shortly after the birth of his first son, Lewis.

The 31-year-old, who endured a second operation to remove the tumour after it returned at the end of last year, said: “As I’ve had muscles removed from my lower back, I can’t do anything physical at the moment so I decided to use my love of photography as a way to raise money.

“I thought it was a bit of a different way to raise support and awareness and gives people a life-long memento of how they have helped.”

Sales will boost Weston Park Cancer Charity which carries out pioneering research and helps to improve treatments and care at the Sheffield hospital.

Sarah Cross, of the charity, said: “It’s fantastic Matthew is helping to raise money for us and we’re especially grateful he’s doing so while going through radiotherapy.

“His prints are absolutely stunning and we’d encourage everyone to have a look at his website and support Matthew’s fundraising.”

Matthew, who found out about the tumour after he went for a hospital scan following an accident, said: “There’s no history of cancer in my immediate family so it came as a big surprise.

“I think I’m dealing with it quite alright, it’s just when you think about your family and friends – that’s when it gets hard.”

l Visit Matthew’s website at www.parsonsphotography.co.uk.