PICTURE: Blimey! Chesterfield as you've never seen it before...


A Twitter account has posted a picture of Chesterfield - and it looks, erm, rather different to the town we all know and love.

Best Travel - which has more than 40,000 followers on the social networking site and showcases 'must-see locations around the world' - appears to be having a bit of fun...

So far, the tweet has had 77 retweets and 152 likes.

Replying to it, Matt Page commented: "If you look closely you can just see the Winding Wheel."

Another Twitter user, Laura, said: "Lies, it's much nicer than that."

Polly added: "Chez Vegas at its finest."

Chesterfield certainly doesn't look like that from our office window... Maybe we need to get out and explore it a bit more to find this paradise! ;)

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