This phenomenal little boy is in need of a loving home

This appeal is for a dog of unmatched loveliness, boundless playfulness, and not a little daftness.

Tuesday, 7th August 2018, 2:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th August 2018, 2:58 pm

At a mere eight-months-old, Labrador-cross Duncan is primed and ready to burst out into the wide and wild world, to find his place in it all and to settle down. Now he just needs a home and a family with which to do so.

Duncan is a marvel and a joy, a delight and a pain in the neck, often all at the same time! He will need an active and strong owner who can offer an outlet for his boundless energy and love of play, and an owner who can help refine his basic training. He has all the makings of a most remarkable dog.

It’s a little odd in many ways that a dog who brings such light and colour to those around him is himself as black as pitch. Akin to the glorious shining of the nights sky. Or that shimmer of worked flint. Maybe it goes that black was the only colour remaining after Duncan had made the whole world his canvas and daubed it in all the brightest and warmest hues. Maybe. But what’s certain is that a life with Duncan in it is, by definition, better than one without.

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However, his best traits are not his looks – as peerlessly handsome as he is – but his personality and sociability. The way he gets so excited when he’s with you – a maelstrom of lolling tongues, flailing limbs and smiling faces. He wants to be as close as possible. To be with you and of you. He loves a wrestle and having his belly rubbed, plenty of kisses and to be nestled next to you. The slightest of contact is enough to get him all giddy and excited! He can be a bit tentative around new people but it doesn’t take long for him to come round.

In addition, Duncan loves other dogs, there’s nary been one he’s come across who he hasn’t wanted to be friends with. His eyes light up and he immediately drops into a play bow. Granted, not every dog is as keen on play as this overgrown puppy, but Duncan tries all the same! If Duncan was to be rehomed with another dog, however, they would probably need to be of a similarly playful nature and similarly robust.

When he first came into the care of the RSPCA, Duncan found the environment quite stressful, becoming very anxious and worried – understandably, given the nature of his new surroundings and the upheaval involved – and so any potential new owner for him will need to support him as he settles into his new home. He’s worth it, mind.

He’s a phenomenal boy, a truly amazing dog in the making, and a pleasure to be around. Now he just needs the home to give him that opportunity.

Duncan would best suit a home which is adults-only (due to his occasional anxiety) but can live with another dog – though perhaps not smaller animals – they might not be as keen on his playfulness!

If you would like more information on Duncan give the RSPCA a call on 01246 273358. You can also visit:

Please do. He deserves a proper chance in a loving home. The centre can’t speak highly enough of him.