What a difference a year makes! Striking photos show difference in water levels at Hope Valley reservoirs

These pictures show the huge contrast in water levels at the three Derwent Valley reservoirs from 2018 to this year.

Thursday, 20th June 2019, 4:40 pm
Ladybower Reservoir
Ladybower Reservoir

The hot dry summer of last year led to record low levels of water at the reservoirs, and exposing the remnants of Derwent Hall and village. But levels this year are much improved, with the three reservoirs said to be on average around 80 per cent full.

Derwent Dam and reservoir during last year's hot summer
Levels are much higher this year

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Low water levels at Derwent Dam and reservoir in 2018
This year's water level at the Derwent Dam and reservoir is much higher
Low water levels at The Derwent reservoir in 2018
Derwent Reservoir water levels this year
The Derwent Reservoir after a long period of hot dry weather last year
Derwent reservoir water levels in June 2019
The heatwave of 2018 saw water levels at Ladybower Reservoir fall to a record low
Water levels at Ladybower Reservoir this year
Last year's low water levels meant that Derwent Hall and village were exposed at Ladybower Reservoir
The levels this year mean Derwent Hall is no longer visible
Derwent Hall and village were exposed by the low water levels in 2018
This photo shows the levels at the reservoir this year
People flocked to the area last year to catch a glimpse of the submerged village, which was visible due to the low water levels
The reservoir this year
Warnings had to be issued last year after people became stuck in the mud when visiting Ladybower to see Derwent Hall and village
It is now estimated that Ladybower Reservoir is 90 per cent full, with the two upper dams over 70 per cent full
The remnants of Derwent Hall and village which were exposed last year due to the low water levels
With water levels much higher this year, there is no sign of the village
Walkers exploring the site last year
The reservoir as it is this year
One of the many visitors who attended the site last year after the remnants of Derwent Hall and village became visible
Ladybower Reservoir, June 2019
After almost emptying in last years heat wave the three Derwent Valley Reservoirs are now back to an average 80 per cent full and are filling up rapidly
The reservoir this year
The reservoir this year