Recovering Derbyshire alcoholic fundraises for hospital staff who saved his life

A recovering alcoholic is aiming to raise money to give back to the medical staff at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital who saved his life.

By Tom Hardwick
Monday, 8th November 2021, 11:55 am
Ian Foreman turned his life around after his hospital scare, and is fundraising for the staff who kept him alive.
Ian Foreman turned his life around after his hospital scare, and is fundraising for the staff who kept him alive.

Ian Foreman, 39, from Shirebrook, had been drinking for around 30 years before he began his recovery.

Ann Moles, his mum, said her son’s addiction was constantly putting him in danger.

“He was a walking disaster really. He was hit twice by a car due to alcohol, he broke his back and busted his knees. He once ploughed into a wall on a pushbike and knocked himself out. He was in a bad way.”

Mrs Moles said that, a year ago yesterday, her son’s condition became critical. Mr Foreman was rushed into the Chesterfield Royal Hospital, with alcohol once again nearly costing him his life.

“He was taken into hospital due to the alcohol, and the doctor said if we hadn’t brought him in when we did, there would have been no way back for him.

“While he was in there he caught an infection, he had got pneumonia, the hospital called us in twice because he was deteriorating. They said his organs were on the verge of closing down, he was desperately ill.”

Remarkably, Mr Foreman recovered. Initially, he was unable to walk or talk, but he discharged himself from hospital soon after. Since then, he has remained completely sober.

Mr Foreman said setting milestones helped him in his recovery, and that he now wants to give something back to the staff on the Ridgeway ward who saved his life.

“My first task was to get through Christmas, then it was my birthday, which was in May. I’ve done that, but I’m not going to give up after this year- I’m never going to drink again.

“I want to pay my respects and say thank you to the staff at the hospital with a donation,” he added.

Mr Foreman’s family and friends have helped him raise £300 by sponsoring his recovery, and Mrs Moles said she was proud of the changes her son has made.

“He wants to make amends, and he thought that giving something back to the hospital was his first step.

“We are so proud of him for how he has turned his life around for the better,” she added.Mr Foreman’s fundraiser can be found here.