New musical The Bakewell Bake Off takes to Derbyshire stage for first time

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Take seven eager baking competition contestants and three feuding judges who each claim to have the original recipe for Bakewell’s famous pudding.

Mix together with a bewildered hostess then add flour, eggs and sugar and you have the recipe for Dronfield Musical Theatre Groups latest production, the Bakewell Bake Off.

And as well as performing the show at their usual home at Dronfield Civic Hall, they are going on tour for a special performance in Bakewell itself.

“The show has never been done on its home ground so it’s fantastic to have it performed both in Dronfield and Bakewell,” said one the show’s creators Katherine Glover.

Part of the writing team, and then playing Flora Drizzle, one of the contestants, she said: “The Bakewell Bake off has been an amazing experience for us and we love to see others now performing it.”

Directing the show for Dronfield and Bakewell is Andrea Powell.

She said: “Bake Off is set in a community hall in Bakewell, so where better to do than in a community hall in Bakewell?

“The show began at two London theatres and then had an airing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

“It is a fantastic feast of fun as the audience join the folk of Bakewell for their annual bake-off, where signature bakes combine with song and dance with hilarious results.

“Then the mix is further complicated by the arrival of an EU commissioner who steps in to say there must only be one true pudding recipe in Bakewell.

“He decrees a second round must be added to the competition to resolve the matter once and for all.”

The origin of the Bakewell pudding, or tart. is lost in myth and legend from the early part of the 19th century- but what is certain is the popularity of the sweet confection all over the world.

The show is being performed at Dronfield Civic Hall from Wednesday, May 15 to Saturday, May 18 at 7.30pm with a Saturday matinee at 2.30pm – ticket line on 01246 416364.

The Bakewell performance is at the Medway Centre on Sunday May 19 at 7.30pm – tickets from

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