Mums concerned about ‘period poverty’ deliver free sanitary products to Bolsover schools

Mums launch the Lunar box project. Clare Whiting, Christa Roberts and Leah Roberts. Photo by Brian Eyre.
Mums launch the Lunar box project. Clare Whiting, Christa Roberts and Leah Roberts. Photo by Brian Eyre.

The quest to end ‘period poverty’ continues in Derbyshire after a group  of mums launched an initiative to provide free sanitary products to schools in the Bolsover area.

The Lunar Box Project has seen boxes of pads, tampons, clean underwear and other products delivered to eight schools in the area for pupils who might be in need.

A Lunar Box all ready to go.

A Lunar Box all ready to go.

Mum-of-five Christa Roberts, 43, was inspired to launch the project after seeing similar schemes taking off elsewhere in the country.

Sadly, these projects are needed – it has been estimated that one in 10 girls in the UK cannot afford sanitary products.

Christa said: “I began looking for charities in my area as I was eager to help out, but there wasn’t really anything around.

“I created the first set of boxes myself and found that schools were really positive and supportive when I got in touch.

“A few friends tagged on and were keen to help out, and the project grew, so I set up a Facebook page to get the word out.

“The amount of comments and messages from people wanting to back us and donate has been mind-blowing, to be honest.”

Christa is hoping that to coincide with the project, schools will further educate children to end the stigma that is still surrounding menstruation.

“You just don’t know what kind of circumstances a child or teenager is in,” said Christa.

“There are girls parented by single dads who are perhaps not fully up to speed and could do with some extra support.

“One of the mums involved with Lunar Box was a child-of-six and because money was tight, she was initially too frightened to ask her mum for help when she started her period. We’ve included brown bags in the boxes and pupils are free to take whatever they need, they don’t have to be embarrassed.

“Schools should really have these boxes by default, but until then it’s amazing to contribute in the community and know these products are there if required.”

To find out more about the Lunar Box Project in Bolsover or to make a donation to the scheme, visit the group’s Facebook page at