Life-saving defibrillator installed outside Chesterfield micropub after staff raise £1,500

Stephen Savage outside Jacey's Micropub with the new defibrillator.
Stephen Savage outside Jacey's Micropub with the new defibrillator.

Staff at a Chesterfield micropub raised thousands to install a potentially life-saving defibrillator outside the business- and say it's '£1,500 well spent'.

Since Jacey's Micropub opened its doors on Whittington in April, bar staff have politely declined when customers have offered to buy them a drink- putting the money in a charity pot instead.

Along with further donations from regulars and local businesses, they managed to raise the £1,500 cost and the defibrillator was installed last week.

A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest, potentially saving lives.

It's thought to be the first one on Whittington Moor.

Stephen Savage, owner, said: "The nearest defibrillators are at the Proact Stadium and a doctor's surgery around the corner, quite a distance away in a life-threatening situation.


"The micropub is the bus route, in fact there's a bus stop right outside, so it seems like a good place.

"People have been very generous. A pub regular who happens to be an electrician installed the device for free, and another business has offered free training on how to use the device.

"God forbid we ever have to use it, but if it saves a life it's £1,500 well spent."

There will be fundraiser at the Red Lion pub, also on Whittington Moor, to raise money for a second defibrillator on Sunday, August 11.

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