'Incredibly rare' gull spotted in Bolsover

An 'incredibly rare' gull has been spotted in Bolsover- and it's only the seventh time the bird has been seen in the county.

Thursday, 6th June 2019, 4:59 pm
The Bonapartes gull.

The bonapartes gull was sighted by an eagle-eyed local birder Mark Beavers, at Carr Vale Nature reserve.

He said: "I noticed an interesting gull on the middle flash standing next to a black-headed gull, but clearly smaller and not a little gull.

"I was chuffed with the pomerine skua that visited on the 17th (May) but this is infinitely better.”

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The Bonapartes gull.

Bonapartes gulls breed in Canada and Alaska and spend the winter in Southern Canada and America, so this one was certainly a long way from home.

The reserves mixture of open water, marsh, wet and dry grassland, scrub and trees attracts a rich variety of birds throughout the year.