Huge Apache helicopters spotted flying low over the area - did you see them?

Did you spot the huge military helicopters flying over the area yesterday afternoon?

Friday, 21st June 2019, 11:03 am
Apache helicopter over Sheffield - Credit: Mark Walton

Residents took to social media on Thursday afternoon after they saw, and heard, two low-flying military helicopters.

Many were alerted to the helicopters by a ‘terrific’ noise before spotting the helicopters overhead.

After numerous pictured appeared online, residents worked out that it was an Apache Attack helicopter.

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The helicopters were seen in numerous locations across Sheffield and South Yorkshire, including above Shiregreen, Hillsborough, Middlewood and Rawmarsh.

Apache helicopters have been spotted in the area on a number of occasions.

The helicopters are usually used with military training teams with the aircrafts based at RAF Odiham in Hampshire, home of the UK Chinook Force.

In September last year, people reported numerous sightings of large, military helicopters in the area.

The Boeing CH-47 Chinook is an American twin-engine helicopter which has been in service since 1962 and is operated by armed forces around the world.

The RAF uses the Chinook for trooping, resupply, and battlefield Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC), and for carrying internal and/or underslung loads.

They can carry up to 55 troops (more, usually 24 to 40) and/or up to 10 tonnes of freight. A secondary role includes Search and Rescue.

Black Hawk helicopters have also been spotted in the area in the past; a U.S Army utility helicopter with modified versions developed for the U.S Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Now, more than 4,000 Black Hawks are in service with 29 countries, including 2,135 in the US alone.