Tracey Lockhart writes: "Vanessa Smith, best friends since we were 11, chat virtually every day, always there for each other. The most genuine, honest, kind and caring friend I could wish for."

Here are 26 photos you shared of your best friends in Derbyshire - and why your pals are so special

Best friends are there for the good times and the bad, to share in your joy and comfort you in dark days.

Monday, 2nd August 2021, 2:50 pm

Where would we be without the support of our favourite pal.

We asked the Derbyshire TImes followers on Facebook to tell us who their best friends are and why.

Kayleigh Raynor gives a shout-out to Sasha Michelle and Kayleigh Burton who she trusts with her life. “Sasha helped me bring my son into the world. Kayleigh has been there for me in my darkest hour. Both know my deepest fears and mistakes and love me nonetheless,” she says in her post.

Jono Williams writes: “Stephen Harding is my best friend. I couldn’t have chosen anyone better to be friends with.”

Angie Angelina Bond says that Isla Selway is her BFF (best friend forever). “Had the pleasure of being her bridesmaid. And was her birthing partner at the birth of her son,” she comments.

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