Freddie the ginger cat returns to Derbyshire owner after pulling a two year vanishing act

‘Freddie’ George Jackson was known for his legendary expeditions across the Arctic- travelling thousands of miles across Lapland and the Great Tundra, mostly by sledge.

Friday, 30th August 2019, 4:03 pm

Whether or not his namesake, Freddie the ginger tom, undertook such trips is currently unknown.

But his owner was overjoyed when the intrepid feline turned up out of the blue- after going missing for two years.

In August 2017, Charlotte Strange had just moved to Clay Cross and was keeping her beloved pet Freddie inside her new house so that he could adapt his new surroundings.

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Charlotte Strange with escape artist Freddie.

But on August 8, Freddie managed to escape.

Distraught, Charlotte carried out searches of the Clay Cross area and put up posters asking if anyone had seen Freddie, as well as registering with Animal Search UK.

Sadly, she had no luck and resigned herself to the fact she would never see her furry friend again. Over the years, Charlotte acquired four more cats, but none of them could replace Freddie.

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Freddie went missing for two years.

The microchip showed it was none other than Freddie.

Charlotte said: “A lovely couple from Stretton had been feeding him for a few weeks.

“They were heartbroken when they were told he had an owner, but did the right thing.”

Charlotte spoke to the couple and later went to visit them and Freddie. He was so happy and in his new home that Charlotte decided it would be best to let the caring couple adopt him.

She said: “Although I have sadness in my heart, I know it was for the best, and I do have four other fur babies to keep me busy.”

Andrew McNair, from Animal Search UK, said: “To hear of a pet being reunited after more than two years is truly exceptional. This proves the importance of having your pet microchipped and updating the address details when you move home. Microchipping is a legal requirement for dogs but is in some ways more important for cats because of their roaming habits.”