Former Premiership footballer Dion Dublin racially abused in Chesterfield

Dion Dublin
Dion Dublin

Former Premiership footballer Dion Dublin has spoken out after being racially abused in Chesterfield.

Now a TV presenter, the former Manchester United and England player tweeted about the incident, which occurred on Thursday (October 25.)

He said: "For the first time in about 15 years-ish i got RACIALLY ABUSED today in Chesterfield.

"I honestly thought we were getting somewhere but obviously not, there’s still that minority that have a lack of EDUCATION & RESPECT!

"Calling someone a “BB” isn’t acceptable in 2018!! #RACIST!"

He then went on to add that the person responsible for the abuse was a woman in her late 20s/early 30s.

It is not yet clear if the incident has been reported to police.

Responding on Twitter Chesterfield@chesterfielduk said: "So sorry to hear you were subjected to this in our town. Not acceptable in any way."

And Karen Johnson @editgirl1 added: "Disgusted in my home town. Chesterfield is so much better than that , and that reaction does not reflect the values of most people in the town. Please come back for a visit - don’t let that be our impression on you!"