Even more adorable local lockdown babies and the stories of how they entered the world

Photos of babies born during the pandemic and their proud parents.

Friday, 12th February 2021, 11:21 am
Adorable lockdown babies.

We want to celebrate all the cute new additions to our Chesterfield community by sharing photos of new lockdown babies.

These babies were born from March 2020 to July 2020.

Click through this article to take a look at their adorable little faces.

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Katie Martin, said: "Henry James 💙 born on 24/07/2020 The hardest part of having a lockdown baby was not being able to share him with our friends and family and even now at nearly 7 months old he still has not been able to meet some of our loved ones. We have missed out on play dates and baby groups but on the other hand, it gave us the chance to soak up every little part of his development and it’s enabled us as a family of five to experience so much together. Time is precious and we’ve been able to slow that down with lockdown and appreciate every tiny moment."

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Leah Harper, said: "Callie was born June 2020. Hardest part having a lockdown baby is not seeing family and friends. Callie is now 8 months old and still hasn't met most of her family."
Pollyanna Dexter, said: "Lily and Matilda Dexter, born 6 weeks prematurely on March 30th 2020! They are 1 next month and still haven’t met so many family and friends! Having a baby during the pandemic for us was difficult, my husband didn’t get to spend time with them until they were 2 weeks old due to only 1 parent being allowed on the NICU, that’s time he will never get back. The situation has just shown us how important family is, and how we shouldn’t ever take for granted the time we have together."
Tyler Leigh Lacey, said: "Bertie Arthur - born 31.07.20 Truthfully I felt very secluded and down during my pregnancy and struggled with the first few months of having a second child but with professional support we got there in the end and now it's ace! Definitely wouldn't be here without my two boys."
Tara Brown, said: "Edward born 29/04/2020 one month into lockdown! No cuddles from grandparents, no baby groups until november- then they were cancelled again. When he was 5 weeks his dad was rushed to hospital with appendicitis... as you can see he’s took it all in his stride and is now a happy, and very chilled 9 month old!"
Linsey Marie Kay, said: "Harper Florence Kay born 08/07/2020. Born in between lockdown 1 and 2. Harper was our rainbow baby after two losses after we had our first child Fraser in 2015. There was a lot of anxiety surrounding my pregnancy with Harper anyway so when the pandemic struck when I was around 20 weeks pregnant it was tough. It’s been an emotional journey having a rainbow baby during a pandemic. Juggling a baby and homeschooling without family and friends around has been hard. Maternity leave hasn’t been what I’d hoped but she’s here, we’re all safe and Harper is the most amazing little girl! I’m grateful for 2020 because it gave our family our beautiful little girl."
Abbie Carter, said: "Our little girl Penelope-Rae born via emergency c-section on 13th June her great grandads 80th birthday, he says it’s the best birthday present he’s ever received. We spent almost a week alone in hospital with a infection. Daddy was off for 3 months due to the pandemic... the day we come home, he went back to work. But we love our family, every day is a miracle to say we got told we wouldn’t be able to naturally have our own."
Charlie Whitehead, said: "These two beautiful girls (Ivy-Rose & Layla-Rae) was born 22nd June, wasn’t the best start to their lives, it’s been a tough one with 3 under two. But we’ve got this."
Lucy Rowan, said: "Joey Luke Birchall. Born 20-07-2020. Didnt know i was having a baby till 27 weeks pregnant. Had no symptoms, nothing. Furnished a house and got everything for baby in 9 weeks.He was born 23 days early and had to stay in hospital nearly a week without any visitors, not even his daddy. Now he's almost 7 months old. His smile lights up the room. He brightens many peoples days. Definitely made lockdown bearable seeing that little face every morning. Best lockdown gift ever."
Mollie Lincoln, said: "Violet Wallace - born June 2020 now 8 months old. I think the hardest part is her not being able to socialise as she should’ve. She doesn’t seem bothered by any of this, happy little girl."
Georgia Higton, said: "This is my baby boy Joey James born 04/04/2020 weighing a huge 9.11lbs. He was born during the start of the first lock down. We have really enjoyed our time together but it has been heartbreaking that family and friends haven’t been able to see him much. They have missed out on so much. We hope things improve soon so we can make up for it."
Michelle Towndrow, said: "This is Luke, born 16th July. Whole pregnancy in lockdown so spent it enjoying the sunshine and getting ready.. me and his dad Joe love him loads and he’s really cheered us up in this lockdown! Here he is now nearly 7 months wearing a super cool outfit to go on our daily walk when the weather is nice and sat close to his favourite dinosaur friend."
Amy Charlesworth, said: "This is Thomas is he was born 12th July 2020 at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, he is 7 month old on Friday. He is such a happy bubbly little boy always smiling. Becoming first time parents during a lockdown isn't the situation you ever expect to be in and the hardest thing for us has been our family not getting to know our little boy. We have made the best of the situation and made some fantastic memories we can cherish with our little boy."
Jemma Clifford Taylor, said: "Nellee louise born 21st march 20 2 days before first lock down, came straight home to isolate, such a scary time.. family had to see her through our room window.. still alot of my family have not met her and shes 10 months old. It was nice but scary at first, scary because of the pandemic but nice that we could all lock ourselves away and spend time together as a famil as my hubby couldnt get time off with the other children. He missed alot. A though time lately, work, baby and home schooling but treasuring every moment with my kids."
Amii Louise Beniston, said: "Tyler-Gene - born 10th March 2020. I was extremely fortunate to have a normal birth experience, just before lockdown. However, for a first time Mum its been so very lonely. He’s my absolute pride and joy!"
Brydie Brewster, said: "Eddie Hartley was born on the 21st July 2020 , 6 days late. It’s been real hard, family not being able to see him, us as a family not being able to go out and do all the things I had planned."
Sarah Louise Shum, said: "Darcie Rose born 21.6.20 my beautiful little smiler it’s been so hard having my first child through out these hard times, and especially when family are missing out on her growing."
Natale Gladders, said: "Cohen James Cave born 23.4.20 right at the start of this pandemic and will probably see his first birthday in the same circumstances. He has brightened every day and been the tonic we’ve all needed, smiliest baby ever! We could not love him more!"
Sophie Bland, said: "Tilly was born in the first lockdown 28/04/2020. It was hard not being able to see family for a long time after giving birth, but when we eventually did it was the best thing ever, also Tilly was the best thing to come out of last year. Now 9 months old, gone far to quick. Hopefully we will be able to make her 1st birthday special."
Meg Elizabeth Walker, said: "Florence Dolphin Born 08/03/20 Just slightly pre lockdown no. 1 - Being at home a lot more has been amazing, seeing every little thing that she’s learning and doing! The uncertainty when she was newborn was crazy, no one had a clue what we were in for, I remember the HV saying I’ll see her for her 1yr review, I’m sure we will be back to normal by then. It’s been hard feeling like she’s missing out on normal experiences but we’ve done what we can and it turns out mums more creative than she thought!"
Bryony Brammers-Vint, said: "Leo born 21.06.2020 so now 8 months old. Probably the hardest thing is that some family have still not been able to meet him."
Mollie Weeks, said: "Maxwell who is 9 months old and was born at the Chesterfield Royal on the 25th of April 2020. I’m also currently 30 weeks pregnant with our second so lockdown parenting didn’t put us off that much clearly."
Jake Burgin, said: "Lily Mae Burgin came into this world at the very start of the first lockdown on the 7th of March 2020. No one knew at this stage just how much the pandemic would impact our lives and any babies growing up. It’s taken away opportunities to socialise with others their age and to learn vital skills. But despite all this, Lily brings the biggest smile every day!"
Emily Allanson, said: "Billy Farrer born 16/07/2020! His smile makes the hard times so much easier! We look forward to spending time with our extended family in the very near future. Best of luck to any one about to have a baby it might feel like you’re surrounded by uncertainly but know that holding your baby in your arms is the best thing that will happen for you in 2021 and will make the last year worth it."
Zoe Buckley, said: "This is my little Boy Leo. He was Born 24/03/20 Hours after we went into lockdown, hardest thing ever coming out of hospital and going home knowing nobody would meet our baby, but we have all made it through this pandemic and I am grateful I have all my family and friends fit and well to meet again when we are back to some sort of normality."
Kelly Wright, said: "William Steven Wright-Hardy. Born at 1.16am on the 3rd April 2020 has been a hard year homeschooling my 11 year old and 8 year old. Having a little boy was hard as my dad died in a car crash in 2019 so to bring my son into the world without him was hard. He is now 10 months old and such a happy little boy."
Shelley Hobson, said: "Frances Samantha born 22/4/20. Our rainbow after losing her brother in March 2019. It’s been so difficult with lock down going through the emotional rollercoaster of a baby after loss, all the plans we had for her haven’t happened. It’s been nice for her to have her big sister and brother at home more even though the homeschooling has been tough. I can’t wait for some kind of normality so she can spend time with her family and have days out with us."
Rebecca Oyitch, said: "My pot of gold Saraya Bella Beardsall born in 1st lockdown 12th June via c section at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. She is nearly 8 months old. Hardest part for me attending all her scans, I also had a few scares and I was high risk so had to attend hospital alone. Spent 3 days on the ward due to a difficult c section even though I couldn't have any visitors the midwives and CA's were absolutely incredible so helpful with Saraya when I was struggling to feed her etc. I really missed my twins though and couldn't wait to get home to see them and surprise them with their baby sister. It's been difficult there are so many family members still not met her yet especially my amazing grandad who is in a care home and I'm desperate for her to meet him and get a photo of them together. Our lockdown babies will definitely go down in history."