What was your most memorable experience in these Chesterfield pubs?

Did you spend unforgettable nights of drinking and celebrating in these 14 pubs in Chesterfield?

Nights of drinking, dancing and companionship are staple ingredients of Chesterfield’s pub culture.

Friday, 6th May 2022, 2:06 pm

For most people an evening at their favourite watering hole is one worth celebrating rather than an occasion where they are drinking to forget their troubles.

‘What Chesterfield pub sparks the most memories for you’ was the question we asked on the Derbyshire Times’ Facebook page.

There were shout-outs for long-gone venues like The Shakespeare and Carter’s Bar. Helen Cooke said: “The Douglas Robson. Many a happy hour in there.”

‘Cheap shots’ in the Polish bar was one of the recollections that Rachel Russell added to the mix.

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