Derbyshire Police seize 'attention seeking Inbetweeners car' in Chesterfield

Derbyshire Police's roads policing unit have seized an "attention seeking" driver who had an expired licence in Chesterfield.

Monday, 6th May 2019, 8:24 am
Updated Monday, 6th May 2019, 9:11 am
Police seized the car near Chesterfield.

The yellow car, which was plastered with bumper stickers including one which described the driver as an "attention seeker", was seized after the police discovered the driver had an expired driving licence.

Posted on the Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit, the car was later described as the "Inbetweener's car" for its yellow colour - in homage to the Channel 4 TV series of the same name.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit said: "Chesterfield. Look at me, look at me! Attention seeker got the attention he wanted. Expired licence. #Seized #PersonalAdmin #GermanWhip."

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Police seized the car near Chesterfield.

A tweet for the Derbyshire Police control room replied: "Looks like you've seized the 'inbetweener' car there"

The bumper stickers.