Derbyshire inventor creates new game that “takes snobbery out of wine tasting”

Adam Salt and Vicky Penrice.
Adam Salt and Vicky Penrice.

A former teacher - who is now an inventor - has launched his first product.

Dad-of-two Adam Salt, of Wirksworth, started inventing games as a boy testing out ideas with his brother in the garage of their childhood home and he’s

carried on ever since.

A few years ago this entrepreneurial drive prompted him to combine his love of wine and his love of games.

“I’d always been interested in wine and wanted to find out more so had been to a few wine tasting events,” he said. “But I found them rather intimidating and

realised that many other people did too.

“I also wanted to spark an interest for people to find out more and take away the snobbish side of wine tasting.”

Adam teamed up with friend and now business partner Vicky Penrice as Pensal Partnership in 2018 and the result was ‘what’smywine?’ – a game they got into production and launched together in April this year.

Adam added: “In all the wine tastings I’d been to you tasted a lot of wines and made a lot of notes.

“But when the wines were finally revealed two hours later it was difficult to recall the details of earlier wines.

“Our game is very immediate in that each bottle is revealed after each tasting round so you know exactly how it tasted and you remember the

facts about it too so it’s educational.

“We wanted to have something that was interactive and that everyone could get involved with regardless of your knowledge about wine. That’s why we included a fun section called The Pitch where teams have to use words, song or actions to describe the wine. This is a game for novices as well as self-proclaimed experts – in fact just a game for anyone who enjoys wine.”

what’smywine? will be available at various Christmas markets across Derbyshire in November and December and can also be purchased online at