Chesterfield taxi driver has fine scrapped – after being charged £100 for taking two customers to McDonald’s

A Chesterfield taxi driver has avoided a £100 fine for taking two customers to McDonald’s after a night out.

Tuesday, 24th May 2022, 9:15 pm

Alnoor Mamdani, who drives for City Taxis, was working in the early hours of Sunday, May 15.

Two customers who had been on nights out and wanted food were taken to the McDonald’s drive through at Alma Leisure Park.

He thought no more of it until a letter landed on his doorstep from HX Car Park Management three days later. It said that Alnoor had breached the one hour, no return period at the site, and had been issued with a £100 parking charge notice.

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Alnoor had the same issue in 2020 - being hit with another £100 fine that was later dropped.

He said: “I got the fine in the early hours of the morning because I was taking two customers home from their nights out, and both of them wanted to get a McDonald’s.

“I went in once at 2.45am, and then went back at 3.17am – I’ve been charged £100 for returning during the one hour, no return period.

“If people want to order McDonald’s, you’ve got to go and take them – I don’t want to be arguing with people. It’s ridiculous to get done for £100 – that’s a night's work.

“They can plainly see that I’m a taxi driver because I’ve got my badges on the front and the back.”

After being contacted by the Derbyshire Times HX Car Park Management said that Alnoor will not have to pay the PCN.

A HX spokesperson said: “The PCN occurred at around 3am so, as the images were in the dark, our processing team couldn’t easily tell that this was a taxi.

“Delivery drivers and taxi drivers will not be issued PCNs whilst working, provided that they have made us aware by giving us their registration number. If we don’t have this, and it’s not clear that the vehicle is a delivery/taxi vehicle, then we are not aware that the driver is working.

“We will of course cancel this PCN and add this driver’s registration to the exemption list.”

Alnoor added: “It’s brilliant, and thanks to the Derbyshire Times for helping me get this sorted.

“I was really surprised when I was told that I wouldn’t have to pay – and I’m so grateful for the help.”