Chesterfield school comments amid fresh concerns over flooding at site

Fresh concerns have been raised about flooding at the site of Hady Primary School in Chesterfield.

Councillor Ross Shipman, the Liberal Democrats' prospective Parliamentary candidate for North East Derbyshire, sent the Derbyshire Times these pictures of standing water outside the school on Hady Lane.

Flooding outside Hady Primary School. Picture submitted by Ross Shipman.

Flooding outside Hady Primary School. Picture submitted by Ross Shipman.

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Coun Shipman said: "The Derbyshire Times ran a story on this issue in 2014 and it's still not sorted.

"It can't possibly be safe with all this standing water with young people nearby."

He added that a solution was needed so parents 'haven't got to do ninja warrior every time it rains'.

In a statement, Hady Primary School said: “Between January 2014 and February 2015, we engaged with multiple councillors and elected members from the Department for Children and Young People as well as the senior municipal engineer and an area building surveyor from Corporate Resources, a principal valuer from Estates, rights of way officers from Environmental Services, representatives from the Asset Management Team and Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield, trying to resolve decades’ worth of issues with the pedestrian access to the school.

“At that time, flooding on the path brought these issues into the spotlight, as it did again last week, but the problems go well beyond the flooding.

“The heart of the issue is that there is no adequate pedestrian access for the school.

“We have now met with Coun Shipman and shared the large file of evidence we have detailing Derbyshire County Council’s (DCC) ownership of the lands in question and the history of our attempts to work with DCC to resolve these issues.

“We are resolute in our belief that it would be entirely inappropriate to divert school funds away from the education of our children in order to fix problems with DCC’s footpath or other lands.

“We are hopeful that Coun Shipman, bolstered by the unwavering support of our parents, will help to bring about a real resolution to this longstanding problem.”

A spokesperson for DCC said: “Flooding on the drive at Hady Primary School is a longstanding issue.

"In 2014 we suggested that the school could apply for some match funding to pay for some soakaway drains on the drive. The scheme that we recommended at the time cost £25,000. The school didn't apply for the match funding so that scheme didn't go ahead.

"The Government passed the budget for smaller schemes like this from the council to schools some time ago, so responsibility for the flooding on the drive does lie with the school. Should the school now wish to apply for match funding our offer of 2014 to pay half the cost would still apply."

Commenting on the issue on Coun Shipman's Facebook page, Dawn Nash said: "I hope something can get sorted for the good of all the children."

Lucy Banks added: "It's been like it for years - it really is filthy water too."

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