Chesterfield residents raise fireworks concerns after 'illegal' 2am display reported

Chesterfield residents and councillors have raised concerns about fireworks after late night explosions and terrified pets were reported in parts of the town.

Sunday, 7th November 2021, 10:30 am

People in Hollingwood say fireworks were still being let off at midnight on Bonfire Night and 2am the following day.

Meisha Jay-Leigh posted on Facebook that she had experienced an ‘horrendous’ night with her pet dog.

"Obviously petrified all night, we waited until after midnight to take him for a walk,” she said.

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Chesterfield residents and councillors have raised concerns about fireworks. Image: Pixabay.

"Since it’s illegal to set them off after this time we thought we'd be ok.

"Oh no, some idiot decides to start setting them off.

"Finally get him settled in bed and then all get woken up at 2am by more fireworks going off, Is that a joke?!

"I get it, we just have to put up with the fireworks, especially on Bonfire Night, but why do people always have to take it too far and not stick to the rules?”

Councillor Mick Bagshaw, Chesterfield Borough Council member for Hollingwood, Inkersall and Duckmanton, said he understood why people were calling for a ban.

He said he had heard of an incident where a frightened dog had run off and later died of a suspected heart attack.

"Here in Hollingwood adults and children were woken up at 2am Friday Saturday morning with loud fireworks lasting for around 15 minutes - whoever they were I hope they now feel disgraced,” Coun Bagshaw said.

"They have let the community down.”

Helen Jewell reported that fireworks, litter and glass had been left strewn on the nearby ‘wasteland’ from one of the late-night displays.