Chesterfield residents have been targeted by this new telephone scam - here's what you should do

Chesterfield people are being targeted by scammers.
Chesterfield people are being targeted by scammers.

Residents in Chesterfield are being warned about a new telephone scam.

People in the town have reported being targeted by telephone scammers who claim to be calling from BT and claim there is a problem with their telephone and internet lines.

The person states that there has been a compromise and as a result the line will be terminated within 24 hours.

Victims are encouraged to press number one to be connected to an operator to rectify the problem.

These calls appear to be targeting Chesterfield numbers on the 01246 land line numbers, Derbyshire police said.

If this happens to you, people are being encouraged to contact Derbyshire police on 101 to pass any information they have.

A Derbyshire police spokesperson said: "Please warn friends, family and neighbours of this type of scam. If you believe you have been a victim of this type of scam and have given bank details please contact your bank as soon as possible."