Chesterfield mum appeals for help in creating garden so her seriously ill son can spend 'quality time' with his brother and sister

A Chesterfield mum is appealing for help in creating a garden for her son, who has a rare degenerative brain condition, so he can enjoy ‘quality time’ with his brother and sister.

Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 4:41 pm
Charlie Beresford, 18, has a rare degenerative brain condition.
Charlie Beresford, 18, has a rare degenerative brain condition.

Charlie Beresford, 18, of Old Whittington, was diagnosed with complex hereditary spastic paraplegia in September 2017.

Sadly, Charlie can now only walk a few steps unaided, has symptoms similar to dementia, Parkinsonian tremors and extremely painful cramps all the time.

Eventually the condition will affect is swallowing, eyesight and will leave him fully reliant on those around him to look after him.

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Charlie with his brother George, sister Evie and gran Helene.

This year his family took him on holiday and it was too much for him and he had to go home early with his mum.

Charlie’s mum, Anna, 37, said: "Charlie is amazing he never complains. He has the biggest heart.

"He cares so much about others and he loves so deeply. He is so funny, he loves comedy shows and is a keen sportsman - he plays wheelchair tennis and basketball when he feels well enough.

"Anyone that meets Charlie falls in love with him, he’s so cheeky and his sense of humour is wicked."

Anna said that ideally they would like to create space for an allotment so they can provide fresh produce for Charlie.

"I’d like somewhere we can securely keep his extra equipment when not in use or somewhere undercover where we can eat a meal as a family - our dining room became Charlie's bedroom and wet room," Anna told the Derbyshire Times.

“Since we moved to our adapted property I’ve been battling with the jungle that is our garden.

“I have asked for help. I have exhausted myself trying to sort it out but I’m a single mum doing the job of about 15 people.

“We’ve had a quote that will make the garden accessible and allow Charlie to have fun in a safe space with his siblings."

Anna also said that a new garden area will allow Charlie to spend ‘quality time together’ with his brother George, 15, and his sister Evie, 11.

Anna added: "It would mean the world for us to have a space where the whole family could enjoy safely. Charlie has a cousin who he absolutely adores and loves to sit and play with her - she’s not quite two yet so it’s limited to where he can go with her.

“All I want is the absolute best for Charlie, George and Evie and to be able to give them a space that they can play and be siblings, fighting, throwing water balloons, or just chilling with a yummy dinner on a summers evening.

"Family means so much to us and often it is difficult to get everyone together because Charlie can’t attend family gatherings due to access issues so it would be amazing to be able to have a space where we can all make memories."

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