16 photos you'll only understand if you're from Derbyshire

We're very lucky to live in a county as beautiful as Derbyshire - but the area has some local quirks that may well confuse visitors.

Friday, 21st June 2019, 3:45 pm
Chatsworth House

Here's a light-hearted look at 16 places, events, and things you'll only understand if you come from Derbyshire.

The annual Shrovetide game in Ashbourne is part football, part rugby, part mass brawl. The few known rules of the game include that unnecessary violence is frowned upon though, you'll note, not actually forbidden.
Never, ever a tart. Like most great dishes, it was a delicious mistake

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The annual world championships are held every year in Derbyshire. You may not be surprised to hear the game was devised by drinkers. In a pub.
World championship hen races are held in Bonsall every year. Described by the BBC as 'like a Monty Python sketch'
Held in Castleton, the ancient ritual sees the King covered in a beehive of flowers. Think Wicker Man meets Mills and Boon. Photo - Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Who needs a dance floor when you can dance on a speedboat? In high heels. After a few lambrinis.
Various stories about its origin include devils and virgins - whatever the truth it's an iconic landmark.
A delicious essential addition to any all-day breakfast!
Pagan ritual and stunning artwork which nobody outside the county has heard of. Until THAT dressing of Princess Diana went viral...
Not a pastry but an illiterate roundabout
Described as the UFO capital of Britain, it makes perfect sense for aliens to cross intergalactic space and want to come to the most beautiful county in the country.
How many kids were bribed into a shopping trip into Chesterfield with the chance to see Ben the market horse?!
Derbyshire is full of stunning scenery, beautiful architecture and fascinating history.And it's also home to Peak Cavern, known as The Devil's Arse due to the flatulent-sounding noises from inside when flood water is draining away
Where else could you see jesters, rat catchers and serving wenches flogging chutney?
This-fun loving group of charity fundraisers are a majorette troup with a difference - they're mostly all men! No local community event is complete without an appearance by the Billerettes in their trademark orange and white.
We all know that Chatsworth House is a stunning stately home, and it is believed that Jane Austen may have based her idea of Pemberley on the house, and written the novel while in Bakewell