PENTRICH: WI welcomes John Hawkins to talk about parish churches

For the second time this year. Pentrich Wi members welcomed John Hawkins as the speaker when he stepped in at the last minute to cover for a speaker who was ill.

This time John spoke about interest around parish churches, showing slides of several types of churches from around the country. There are around 16,000 different types of churches, 8,000 of which were built before the reign of

Henry VIII. Ann Thynne gave the vote of thanks to John for his interesting and informative talk.

The financial report was given by treasurer Sue Bonsall.

A charity event in support of ovarian cancer care had to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions and will be rearranged.

Joint president Julie Waterfall gave details of future trips to be arranged.

Gill Ludlam was delegate at the Spring Council Meeting held at the Winding Wheel at Chesterfield and gave an interesting account of events that day.

The raffle, book stall and sales table were open during the meeting.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, April 9,at 7.30pm.