Pensioners ‘at risk of skin damage’ at Ilkeston care home

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An Ilkeston care home has been ordered to make improvements – amid fears about pensioners being placed at risk of skin damage.

In a report published earlier this week, inspectors raised concerns about safety and responsiveness at Stanton Hall Care Home in Main Street, Stanton By Dale.

However, the inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – who visited the home in September – deemed it to be effective, caring and well-led.

In their report, the CQC said: “The service was not safe.

“Staff were not always available to consistently respond to people’s needs in a prompt manner.

“One person asked us to provide a drink as they were unable to alert the staff as they had no means of doing so.

“During lunchtime we observed a person who required support with their meal had it placed in front of them and then had to wait ten minutes to be supported to eat their food.

“We observed some people were not moved for several hours.

“This placed these people at risk of skin damage.”

The report added: “The service was not consistently responsive.

“People did not always receive care that met their needs and preferences, particularly in relation to their hobbies and interests.

“One person said ‘there is nothing to do; it makes it a long day’ and another said ‘I would like to be taken out and spend some money on clothes’.”

The report continued: “The service was effective – people’s food choices were responded to and people were encouraged to maintain a healthy diet.

“The service was caring – people were treated with kindness and compassion and their privacy was respected.

“The service was well-led – effective systems were in place to regularly assess and monitor and improve the quality of people’s care.”

Nobody from the home wanted to comment further when we contacted them.

Meanwhile, the CQC judged Haddon House Care Home in Lord Haddon Road, Ilkeston, to be good in all areas.