Pastor and police officer ‘assaulted’ at Crooked Spire

The Crooked Spire church in Chesterfield.
The Crooked Spire church in Chesterfield.

A man has alledgedly assaulted the pastor and a police officer at Chesterfield’s Crooked Spire church.

Police were called shortly after 9am on Saturday (April 1) to reports of a ‘disturbance’ at the iconic landmark.

A man had allegedly entered the church, smashed a window and assaulted a member of church staff, thought to be the pastor.

On arrival, police officers struggled with the man, leading to one of them being assaulted as well.

Multiple officers and vehicles were then dispatched to the scene as backup, alerted to the severity of the incident via a CCTV link.

Revd Patrick Coleman, Vicar at Saint Mary & All Saints, confirmed that an incident had taken place which was now the subject of criminal proceedings.

He added that he and his colleagues had decided that they did not wish to make any further comment.

Derbyshire Police confirmed that a man was arrested for criminal damage and assault and taken to custody.