Park and ride scheme for Chesterfield?

A Derbyshire Times reader has suggested that Chesterfield would benefit drastically from a park and ride scheme.

Graham Hardy, 78, believes that introducing such a scheme would provide an economic boost as people would find it easier to get around town and access more businesses.

He believes the former Bryan Donkin site could be the car park and pick-up point, with a constant fleet of small busses travelling around the town centre and back up Chatsworth Road.

Mr Hardy, of Furnace Close, Grassmoor, said: “A lot of people have a really tough job getting around Chesterfield, especially if you don’t have a car.

“But even if you do have a car, finding a space can be difficult, it’s expensive, and you’re often limited to how long you can stay.”

He added: “As Chesterfield is situated on a hillside, many people – such as elderly, disabled, mums with prams, and so on – struggle to get around town on foot.

“If there was a constant fleet of busses, travelling around and stopping regularly, and for a reasonable price, I am sure more people would make the most of our beautiful town and get out more.

“I don’t think it would cost an unfeasible amount to set-up, but I think the benefits would be vast.”

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