Parents boozing and swearing on bus during school trip


The headteacher at a Staveley infant school has written to parents informing them that a group of parents accompanying children on a day trip to Cleethorpes were swearing and drinking alcohol during the bus journey there and back.

It was reported to Jan Ridsdale, joint headteacher at Speedwell Infant School, that children were also allowed to wander around out of their seats while the bus was moving.

Ms Ridsdale’s letter to parents, which was emailed to Derbyshire Times, states that the parents concerned were asked to make sure their children were seated with seatbelts fastened, but they ignored this at the time.

The letter reads: “We wish to state that this behaviour is totally unacceptable. Firstly, the children must be safe at all times.

“Secondly, swearing is not allowed in school or on school trips. Again, this is a bad example to children.

“Finally, drinking alcohol on the bus was not responsible behaviour for keeping children safe.

“The complaint is being taken to the governing body, who may decide there will be no more nursery trips.”

In a statement to Derbyshire Times, Ms Ridsdale said serious concerns had been raised about the alleged behaviour of some parents.

She added: “We have written to all nursery parents to reassure them we are taking the concerns raised extremely seriously and to make it clear that the school and its governing body consider this sort of behaviour to be totally inappropriate and irresponsible.

“Our top priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our pupils and anything that could compromise this is not acceptable. “It is a shame that the alleged actions of a small minority of parents has tarnished what was otherwise a lovely treat for the children and unfortunately we are now considering the future of any further trips for our nursery children.”