Over £1.3m to be spent on hostile families

NDET 2-6-12 MC 10'Picture posed by models
NDET 2-6-12 MC 10'Picture posed by models

MORE than £1.3 million is set to be spent on training Derbyshire social workers to diffuse “hostile” situations with troubled families.

Derbyshire County Council hopes the scheme will help lower the number of children in its care by improving employees’ communication skills.

Ian Johnson, deputy director for children and younger adults, said: “We value our staff and want to give them the best possible training so they’re fully prepared for any situation.

“At the moment there is a danger that staff could interpret hostility as further evidence of people’s unsuitability to care for children.

“This training will show employees how to use their responses to de-escalate and calm the situation down and help families accept our support.”

The number of youngsters cared for by the authority has gone up from 503 in March 2007 to 701 in March 2012, a rise of 39 per cent.

The council said social workers encountered hostility from some families they tried to help.

The council is spending £750,000 on the scheme by the council.

A £600,000 Government grant would also be spent on paying the temporary workers.