OUTSEATS: Parish council praises county council’s improved snow clearing service



The Outseats annual parish meeting was held in April. The chairman read her annual report for 2012-2013, which can be viewed on the parish website. Outseats Parish Council’s monthly meeting followed straight on from this. Both meetings were chaired by Cllr Jane Marsden; Cllr Simon Taylor was unable to attend.

PC Ian Richardson gave a brief report on crimes in the village. There had been one theft from a domestic garage, and another from an unlocked van. 2 unlocked bicycles had been stolen from outside the Pool Café. Statistics for antisocial behaviour in the area are showing an improving trend, and the local Safe Neighbourhood Team has been nominated for an award.

The Council reviewed snow clearing over winter 2012/13 by the county council, and felt that, in general, the snow and ice clearance had been good. The abnormally heavy snow which fell at the end of the winter, while inevitably disruptive to residents, was impressively dealt with by snow ploughs in a way which certainly would not have happened a few years ago; this much better performance is due to great improvements made by the County and much improved lines of communication which the Parish have set up with them.

Cllr Pauline Whitney reported on the latest swimming pool matters, including a successful night swim. Cllr Jean Hodgkinson reported on the latest position, re: the proposed skateboard park.

The clerk reported that the casual vacancy for a councillor (to be co-opted) has been advertised on the parish noticeboard, on the parish website and in Hathersage News. A decision on the most suitable applicant will be made at the Council’s May meeting.

The dates, locations, agendas and minutes of all meetings of Outseats Parish Council can be found on the village website www.hathersage-outseats.org.uk. They can also be found on the parish noticeboard. Residents are reminded that they are welcome to attend meetings and to take part in the open forum of the meetings, where they can highlight any issues.