OUTSEATS: Drivers’ sat-nav plight prompts signage appeal

Outseats Parish Council’s monthly meeting was chaired by Cllr Jane Marsden. The council agreed that the proposed petition of local electors to ask Derbyshire Dales District Council to undertake a Community Governance Review - to abolish Hathersage and Outseats civil parishes and instead create one new parish - should be launched in early October, subject to Hathersage parish council agreeing to this timescale. Having one parish council for Hathersage instead of two will greatly improve local decision-making.

There was concern that drivers unfamiliar to the area continue to get stuck in lanes unsuitable for their vehicles, as a result of relying on sat-navs. Drivers attempting to find North Lees campsite were felt to form a significant proportion of these, so it was decided to ask the Peak Park Authority to erect improved signage to this site. It was also decided to explore with Royal Mail whether any changes to postcodes could improve the situation.

The recent Peak Park Authority decision to apply a permanent Traffic Restriction Order to motorised vehicles on Long Causeway was warmly welcomed. However, the parish council is expressing concern to the county council about how slow their repairs to the vandalised road-vehicle barriers at both ends of Long Causeway have been.

A planning application to remove the long-standing “must be occupied by persons employed in agriculture” condition on Cow Close Farm was considered. Although this farm is probably unsuitable for some types of agriculture, the council’s view was that it remains viable for other types of farming. It therefore recommended against granting of this application.

The council recognised that the height of some trees on county council land on Jaggers Lane has become oppressive to some Cliffe Lane residents, and also noted that tree growth on Ridgeway, on the bend immediately north of Gatehouse Corner, has created a ‘tunnel’ and thus poor visibility - putting walkers at risk from road vehicles. Both these issues were referred to the county council for action.

Arrangements for managing grit-salt stocks for roads and pavements during this coming winter were reviewed. The council welcomed the proposal to include Derbyshire Dales District in the South Yorkshire Combined Authority’s area, as it believed this could lead to improvements in the village’s public transport.

The dates, locations, agendas and minutes of all meetings of Outseats Parish Council can be found on the village website www.hathersage-outseats.org.uk They can also be found on the parish noticeboard. Residents are reminded that they are welcome to attend meetings and to take part in the open forum of the meetings, where they can highlight any issues.