Some don’t deserve help Lazy people won’t work

I am writing to the Derbyshire Times after reading the comments written by Tracey Duffy in last weeks edition of the newspaper.

All I can say is: Hear Hear!

I 100 per cent agree with the comments made.

When I read the initial article I almost sent in a response myself. I am absolutely sick to death of reading about people expecting something for nothing – and not caring who pays for it.

These are people who in the the main have never ever contributed a single penny into the system, but think it is their right to receive what the state calls ‘benefits’.

People who want to work will always work. People who continue to scrounge off the system may wake up one day and finally smell the coffee.

You get out of bed, go spend the next 8 hours doing something for somebody (this is called working) and guess what, at the end of the week you get a handful of money _ it’s called a wage!

Steve Wrigglesworth