Shame that some supporters blame chairman for '˜mess' Spireites are in

Having read all about the unrest within the supporters of Chesterfield Football Club I, and maybe many more, consider it shameful that they condemn the chairman for the mess they seem to be in.

Monday, 24th December 2018, 12:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 5:07 pm

Maybe misjudgments have been made over the last few seasons, which have created the current plight, yet were it not for his financial aid then perhaps there would not be a football club.

It is paradoxical though that Mr Allen has to prop up the wages bill and such, yet had it not been for all the errant considerations in employing what I believe were inadequate football managers who, in retrospect, have done nothing less than put the club in the present plight, then of course this situation would not be apparent. Maybe disastrous decisions have been taken which are to everyone’s detriment, yet the attitude that some folk are showing, especially on this pathetic social media system, is more than disgusting. Those who go to this depth of depravity are not ardent supporters, they are just self indignant and have no self respect or similar for others. If they deem to be as good as they purport to be in posting libelous statements, are they well enough informed and financially solvent to do a better job within the football club? No doubt they are not, so my suggestion is ignore them for whilst they get publicity they will continue.

Lastly, if they can be traced then sue them.

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Another consideration is this. This club is called Chesterfield FC and it is now built on the site of the old Lamp Caps or Deema Glass as it was last named. They left Saltergate, yet they called their new premises a name that had no historical relation to Chesterfield. Why? Is it odd that since the name Proact has been used the club has descended into the depth it has? I suggest the name Proact is a stigma and the stadium be renamed, for example Deemagate. Maybe from a new name a new era may come forth.

G. Marsden

Buxton Avenue, Heanor

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