SEEING RED: Let's face it, this rain is payback for last year's heatwave

At the beginning of the year, I bravely ventured into the  attic, brushed away the cobwebs and found my crystal ball to take an alternative look at what would happen in 2019.

Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 5:46 pm
Ashley Booker exclusively revealed that it would rain this summer. Photo: Pixabay.

Now six months on I’ve taken a look back at my predictions - and to my surprise I’ve been somewhat spookily accurate.

Ok, some - if not all - were made with my tongue fully pushed into my cheek.

After all, I made a whole plethora of ridiculous predictions from Facebook stopping parents posting photos of their children’s first day at school to motorists who queue up for a pump at filling stations when others are free being banned from the roads for 10 years.

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Ashley Booker exclusively revealed that it would rain this summer. Photo: Pixabay.

Mind, one can hope that one day these go-ahead initiatives will be introduced

And of course I couldn’t resist a dig at BMW, Mercedes and Audi drivers - just for being BMW, Mercedes and Audi drivers.

Perhaps one day the indicator will be introduced to these supposedly advanced vehicles?

We can only live in hope, can’t we?

Some of my other predictions were not so ludicrous, though.

I predicted Prime Minister Theresa May would be no more - although I didn’t really need psychic powers to have forecast that outcome.

Where I did go wrong with my crystal ball is that it told me Caroline Lucas would become the new leader of our great country - although her Green Party did finish ahead of the battered and bruised Tories in the Euro elections recently.

So, back to delving into the past and at the time of writing it hasn’t stopped raining for around four days - although hopefully by the time you’re reading this, summer will have returned and the sun is shining.

I’m not holding my breath, mind.

A colleague of mine tweeted last week that the blasted downpours appear to be lasting longer than Bregsit - which is saying something.

But, of course, my regular reader will no doubt remember that I exclusively revealed at the beginning of the year that Britain would be under several feet of water because of months of heavy rain.

Yes, that’s right, when yours truly dusted off the crystal ball I did predict that the rains would come - and boy was I right sadly.

Back in January I wrote: “By summer, Britain is literally under several feet of water as months of heavy rain leaves many towns and villages flooded.

“People who moaned it was too hot during the glorious summer of 2018 are now whinging about it raining all the time and pine for long warm, sunny days’.

So, what happened last week was payback for what we enjoyed last year and I really hope those who were moaning about the sun in 2018 have had their sheds flooded.

Of course, there are still six months to go before we enter 2020?

So what will happen from July to December?

Who knows?

I just hope it stops raining.