Ready to tell your stories: Ladies need to speak out

A few months ago you were kind enough to publish a letter in which I asked people in Derbyshire with memories of the war to get in touch with me.

Despite the passage of time there are still hundreds who lived through these momentous years whose story has never been told, and I would very much like to put a collection of their memories together in a book.

Those of us who have never lived through a major war find it difficult to imagine what it must have been like, not only for those who were conscripted into the forces, but for the women who went to work on the farms and in the factories, and for the children who were evacuated to live with strangers far from home.

I had a heartening response to this letter, and have so far interviewed 20 people, some of whom served in the forces, others who were children at the time.

However, I have not yet heard from any women who did war work of some kind, as most of my contacts so far have been men, and I feel that as women played such a crucial role in the war effort, their story should be told and recorded so that future generations dno’t lose perspective.

If any of your readers with wartime memories would like to get in touch with me, my contact numbers are 01246 856987 or 07761 498284.

My e-mail address is

Malcolm Cowper