OPINION: Fracking issue should be settled right here in Derbyshire

A fracking well in operation in America
A fracking well in operation in America

This week we heard that chemical giant Ineos has called on the Government to take the key decision about fracking in Derbyshire out of the hands of local planners, claiming the county council is taking too long to decide on the issue.

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And fracking is one of the most divisive issues of our time- those opposed claim it will lead to local environmental and health problems at a time we should be moving away from oil and gas, not digging up the countryside to get more of it.

On the other hand, Ineos - along with American communities where fracking has already taken place say it has brought wealth and jobs to areas in desperate need of them and provides vital raw materials for our 21st century lives.

Either way, whether it turns out to be a blessing or a curse, if fracking does happen here it will affect us -the people who live here in Derbyshire, not the technocrats in Whitehall.

The council is right to take its time to get its decision right - it will prove a landmark test case for the future of fracking right across the UK. But more importantly it will create a lasting legacy of consequence for local people - which is why the question should be settled right here, in Derbyshire.

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