I attended the thoroughly enjoyable cricket in front of a packed house at Queens Park.

Saturday, 27th August 2011, 12:31 pm

This highlighted the hard to understand decision of reducing days held here this year.

Whilst I was watching, two people who I am presuming to be committee members (and apologise if this is not the case), given their suits and respective club ties, were discussing the crowd. The Derbyshire man continually talked up how many people had visited from Yorkshire, and how it only seemed that there were more than would be at Derby, due to the layout of the Derby ground. Whilst there I some truth in this, isn’t it time someone on the committee at last realised that the support in the north of the county is one of our biggest assets, and not a liability to be ignored.

It is also a fact that a lot of opponent’s supporters prefer to visit Chesterfield than Derby.

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Of course the club needs additional revenue, and wants to promote the marquee built at Derby. However, they should not forget that without its supporters there is no club.

Perhaps some small (and unobtrusive) development of Chesterfield’s facilities would encourage even more supporters to visit.

I did not renew my membership this year in a protest at the cutting of days at Chesterfield and was annoyed, although not totally surprised, that no one from the club contacted me regarding this.

I would have thought with revenues so tight, and Derbyshire’s infamously small membership, this would have been a routine course of action. Let’s hope the encouraging signs on the field continue, and that the committee wake up to the fact that it is in the club’s interest for the whole of the county to share in it.

Mark Walton


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