Attribute blame for riots on how society is run

Following letters with comments about recent events, the riots did not just happen, there is a reason for them and blame should be attributed to those who determine how society is run.

Saturday, 17th September 2011, 1:11 pm

After all, that is what we are talking about, society famously dismissed by Margaret Thatcher as not existing.

Protesting dose not help unless it changes the reasons for the protests in the first place.

It may help if people stopped to think and not rely on either Murdoch’s press and others to tell what should happen.

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Certainly giving our youth jobs would help, but not conscripted into jobs as appears to be the present policy – either accept a job and on terms that would not be acceptable in a just society, or lose their housing and what little else they have.

All this when people are aware to varying degrees to what is going on and the results of tax avoidance or evasion, one legal one not.

The end result is the same. Those with little get less. Cuts to education, the health service, the help needed through community projects,youth clubs, etc.

Higher education, which provides many opportunities, is out of reach of many and cuts will only make matters worse.

Higher taxes, through an increase in VAT, increases in prices, increase in unemployment – all these hit the poorest hardest.

Now inner city protests. The less well off see no hope. Can we not turn this around so that they have a decent place in this society of ours and not be excluded.


Dorothy Vale,