Almost licked as rising costs threaten ice cream vans

Your article on how hard it is to carry on as an ice cream vendor (Ice cream van threat’, Derbyshire Times, September 9), I have to tell you was an understatement!

Sunday, 2nd October 2011, 11:26 am

As an ice cream vendor, I am very, very concerned about my business future, when I trade around the streets, 90 per cent of the children just come to the ice cream van for free bubblies.

With the rising cost of stock, insurance, fuel, tyres, clothing and electricity we need to put up our prices, but we can’t because we would scare off our very few loyal customers.

As soon as some mothers hear our chimes they send their kids out with a lolly or an ice cream, as supermarkets provide everything we do – although no free sweets or free bubblies, which will soon be a thing of the past as we can’t afford it.

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The supermarkets charge £1 for ten ice lollies. I charge 60p each and am not allowed to buy from the supermarket.

How will we pay our bills in the future? We are also being hounded now for playing our chimes.

Maybe we should pull the plug on supermarkets and see how they like having no customers (and no ice lollies).

Angie Mason

East Ayton